My husband and I were marketing our home for sale and we wanted, as they say on HGTV, the WOW factor.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was somewhat intimidated about calling an interior designer.  I guess I imagined they only cater to million dollar homes.  But, we really wanted an impartial set of eyes to look at the home and offer their perspective before we opened the doors to prospective buyers.  Especially, since we were trying to sell the home on our own and without the assistance of a realtor.  I can honestly say, Kathleen’s expertise is one of the finest investments we could have made.  During her consultation, she inspected every room, offered suggestions and even moved some lightweight furniture, which made a huge difference in the way the room looked!  What really impressed me was that she was very frugal in her suggestions for accessories and style improvements.  She spent almost three hours during her walk through consultation and approximately three days later sent me several pages of suggestions, pictures, and room layout changes.  Honestly, her DIY design consultation should cost two to three times what she charges, based on the time and detail it involves.  I can’t say enough good about her.  We sold our home to the first couple that looked at it.  Kathleen definitely helped us achieve that WOW factor.  My only regret is that she wasn’t around when we bought the house eight years ago.  I feel like I made a friend and I know I learned a great deal from the time I spent with her.  We are moving 1,100 miles away, and I sure wish I could take her with me!  My advice to anyone trying to decide if they really need to call a designer, do it!  Call Kathleen whether you are trying to sell a home or just moving in and decorating.  It truly will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

J. Rutherford

I wanted to give myself present of a renewed den before Christmas 2012 and tax season 2013.  I hopped on internet, Googled interior designers near Lebanon, and found this gorgeous redhead.  She came to me in less than a week and went straight to work.

She helped me identify the style of my house (farmhouse) and the best interior style for it (rustic).  From that foundation, she advised me about a warm, luscious color for the walls of my den, sketched how to beef up the fireplace/focal point, and gave me tips about how to dress the windows.   Because I like to paint and sew, and the Mr. is an awesome carpenter, we did the painting, carpentry and sewing.  The paint cost about $30, Mr. found some timbers for the mantel in the barn, and I re-purposed some old drapes.

Then, Kathleen came back and staged the room.   She took my old stuff and arranged it and my furniture into a completely different room in about two hours.  It is simply lovely.  Our holiday season was enhanced because of this room, and the way I felt about my home.

Well, I wanted more of that, so in the spring I asked her to come back and help me create an office and update the entrance hall.  We were shopping a yard sale and she pointed out a box containing a light fixture ($35), and said get that and have the Mr. install it in office.  Even the two year old stopped and said “wow” when he passed by the door, it is so beautiful. 

Kathleen introduced me to chalk paint.  Not only did she introduce me to the concept, she went with me to find it, and advised me about colors.  With chalk paint, I have transformed really ratty, side of the road find furniture into real eye catchers.

There are still things on our “to do” list that Kathleen has suggested, and I look forward to implementing all of them, but in the meantime, I am thrilled with the changes so far.  I could never have done it without Kathleen.  I am so proud of the way my home looks now, and I look forward to working with her on the other rooms. 

The house is old and we have always wanted to take good care of it for ourselves and for its future residents.  Kathleen is helping us do that, and I thank her.

Her fee schedule is very reasonable.  In fact, I think her service is the best value I have ever purchased. 

E. Reeder

In May of 2012, the unthinkable happened and I lost my wife of 29 years to cancer. Suddenly I was a bachelor, responsible for the care of my apartment and one adult child still living with me.  Should we move?   My wife was the decorator and every change that had ever been made to the look of wherever we lived was at her whim.  All I had to do was be happy that I had a creative wife who cared about the appearance of our home.

I could have left everything just like it was.  After a few months though, as I looked around and felt a need to change things up a bit.  Since my wife was always the one to do this I had no idea what to do or where to start.   I needed to “man-ify” the arrangement and decor.  I looked on the Internet at different ideas.  Nothing seemed doable.   I was not prepared to go out and buy new furniture nor was I at liberty to paint or change the carpet, both of which I was already happy with anyway.   I just needed a change.

I remembered that a friend of mine was in the business of staging homes for resale and had also helped us organize our garage sale when we were preparing to sell our previous home.  I gave Kathy a call and explained my predicament.  She was excited about the opportunity and came over for an evaluation.  After taking several measurements and photos and seeing what I had to work with, Kathy left with a promise to come up with a plan.

Not long afterwards, as a matter of fact, within a few days as I remember, she came back with a computer diagram showing how the furniture needed to be placed for it’s most efficient and attractive use.  We made spaces for things like the grand kids’ toys that I wanted out of site but easily accessible. She took what I already had and made it seem new by simply placing and positioning the items.   Kathy’s rates are very reasonable and my only other expense was a couple of sets of curtains to replace the “girly” stuff.  Instead of one living room, she created an entertainment area for me and the grand kids as well as a separate area for me where I could work on my writing.  I was thrilled.  Family who came in for a visit actually thought the room looked larger than before even though it was turned into two distinct areas.

I really appreciate Kathy’s imagination, eye for detail and creativity as she changed my space into something new for me without losing the charm that my wife had brought.  If I ever need to make any further changes I will definitely call her.

J. Mazza