Our Portfolio…

We do a lot of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ packages and because the owners are responsible for their own time frame of getting their projects done, A Fresh Designed Interior is not able to post any of the DIY clients finished pictures.

Redesigning your living space gives you a whole new look for your budget.

ReDesign is the quickest and most inexpensive way to update and refresh your home…

Do It Yourself Packages

This is the result from our DIY package that we offer to clients.We give them a full consultation report and room plans if applicable and they do the rest! Not only is it inexpensive but they can work on their home at their own pace.

Reorganization Project

Our reorganization project has a very interesting story. We had a client who wanted to ‘change’ his apartment to remove memories that reminded him of sickness and sadness. We used all his own belongings and gave them new life and a new purpose and made his home into a place that was uplifting and reflected his own personal tastes.

Redesigning Your Home

Redesigning is an inexpensive way to transform your home using your own furnishings and accessories.