Leaving a Legacy for Your Children

Leaving a Legacy for Your Children

Nothing beats finding a handwritten note that you saved from a loved one long gone. Reading it takes you back to the moment of time to when you received the card or note and the emotions connected with that event. Having something tangible that contains a loved one’s handwritten notes in a world of computers and print offs becomes a precious commodity.  Letters from a long passed loved one or a friend that lives so far away keeps those special memories fresh. What I am suggesting today is that while you still have the opportunity, you leave a legacy for your child that is both useful and precious.

Let me say first off that I am a compulsive organizer. Everything has its place and I really don’t like to add more bulk and papers to have to find a place to store. I do keep a small chest on my dresser that contains special cards and notes from my mother long gone and words of encouragement from my spiritual mother. Also contained within the chest are the sweet cards from my husband and children. However, how often is this chest opened and these memories are relived and enjoyed? Not very often. So I had to come up with a useful and yet wonderful way to leave memories for my own children.

By now, you are wondering what could your children pull out week after week, that would bring a flood of happy memories AND still be useful at the same time. A recipe journal! 

Make a legacy for your children by creating a personalized recipe book.

Recipe Journal Legacy

Making a recipe journal can be a simple as going out and purchasing one of the many styles of blank recipe books that they have out there and personalizing it to each child. Children grow up and move out but their memories of your cooking will still have them saying, ‘it doesn’t taste like my mom’s’ even as an adult. Special dishes evoke special memories. If your child has a special birthday meal that they request year after year, then hand write the recipe in their journal. Adding notes under the recipe about how they request that you make this for them on special events and how many years you have made it for them or suggestions of what side dishes you serve with it makes it really special.

Don’t print out the recipe or cut it out of a magazine, hand write it so your children can see a piece of you immortalized. Take time to find out what they love to eat and write those recipes in their books. Just because you are famous for your Mocha Cheesecake recipe doesn’t mean you include it if your child hates it. That would be the wrong kind of memory for their recipe journal. Remember take time to personalize it for each child! If you have the ability and the inclination, include some pictures in the book of you or your husband cooking the recipe. I know most of us hate having our pictures taken, but your child will cherish it forever.

Handwriting can be tedious and takes time, but aren’t your children worth it! Why not get started today by making a recipe journal and leaving a legacy for your children.