A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Should Be Easy, Shouldn’t It?

A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Should Be Easy, Shouldn’t It?

A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Should Be Easy, Shouldn’t It?


With Christmas coming, I thought a ‘simple’ tomato cage Christmas tree might be easy display in my Wheeling wash tubs. Simply wrap the lights around a cage; maybe add some small decorations and ta-da tasteful. Does anything really go that smoothly?

A pile of red and copper bows

It took two days to learn how to make lovely bows

I like to consider that most people are on a budget so my first plan of action was waiting for tomato cages to go on sale. An important note here: they don’t actually go on sale. Instead they get stored away for next year’s tomato plants, so there were none to be found by the time I started looking. Plan B: borrow some tomato cages. A friend gave me two that were nearly five feet tall and, let me just say, there is a world of difference between a brand new, straight tomato cage and one that has seen a few years of use. I did have to cut one cage to be slightly shorter than the other one.


A pair of twisted tomato cages

Twisted tomato cages


I still had trouble seeing if the wires were straight so I shoved a plastic plant pot up the center so I could see where it was level and bend the rest into a tree shape. I wrapped it up with evergreen garland and when I stepped back to look at it, I realized, I could have just bought a small Christmas tree and used that instead! Since that wasn’t my original intention, I pulled it all apart and left all my ideas on the garage floor for another day. Sometimes it’s better to just walk away and look at it again later. When I came back the next day I saw that I left some of the garland draped off of the cage and realized that it would look wonderful simply spiraled around the tree.


Wheeling Wash Tub Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Evergreen garland left overnight becomes an idea


Since the trees are lightweight, it’s best to put everything on them before placing them in the copper Wheeling wash tubs. It gives you a chance to make sure all the lights are working and all the ornaments are secured correctly. Since I keep potting soil in my wash tubs so I simply ‘sunk’ the tomato cages in the dirt to keep them from blowing away.


A close-up of the beautiful copper colored Wheeling wash tubs

A close-up of the beautiful copper colored Wheeling wash tubs

I really enjoyed highlighting the copper color of the tubs with the decorations and red of my brick house with the bows.


Beautiful copper bows and balls on a tomato cage

Copper and red, bows and balls on a tomato cage tree


Finally, the Wheeling wash tubs (see them decorated for Autumn here) are all ready for Christmas. Aren’t they adorable?

The Wheeling wash tubs decorated for Christmas with tomato cage trees

Merry Christmas from the Wheeling!

I’m already thinking about what holiday I should dress them in next? Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Looks great, Kathy. The next will be a valentine decor, then St. Patty’s day, then Easter, July 4th……the list just goes on and on….LOL.

    • Wow, I suddenly got overwhelmed just thinking about all the new ideas that I will have to come up with! Maybe a tomato cage valentine? (jk) Thank you Cindy!

  2. Those copper Wheeling wash tubs are very versatile. It was worth all the effort you put into painting them. For the next holiday, I vote for Valentine’s Day, though you could switch to white bows after Christmas for the new year??

    • Thank you Harriet! I really had not considered what to do with them after Christmas and before any holiday! I need to get on it!

  3. Or maybe pull the blue from the shutters? The white might not show against the windows.

    • Yes, the white won’t show because my drapes are lined with white. I pray some idea comes to me before then!

  4. Okay, I totally love these. The best part is your happy accident with the garland, I like that it’s just spiraled around and not completely covered. I really think I might just copy you, my front porch is begging for some (cheap & easy) Christmas decor!